Ten Plagues Against Egypt

Exodus 7:14 – 12:30

Talk about an awesome display of the power of God! The chronicles of the plagues of Egypt brings tingles up one’s spine! To actually place oneself in the shoes of an everyday Egyptian during those dreadful days would bring to light the enormity of what took place.

  1. Water to blood,
  2. countless frogs that enveloped the land,
  3. gnats that covered men and animals,
  4. swarms of flies that ruined the land,
  5. death to all livestock of the Egyptians,
  6. festering boils on men and animals,
  7. a deadly hail storm that killed all those not under shelter,
  8. all-devouring locusts which turned the land black,
  9. darkness that was so dark that it could be felt,
  10. and the death of all the firstborn who did not have the blood of a lamb on their doorpost to deter the angel of death,

…were the ten plagues of Egypt.

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Year 1, Week 26 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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