Moses is Exiled

Exodus 2:11-25

From Moses’ growing up years till now, he has been a resident and quite possibly a “prince” in the land of Egypt living in the household of Pharaoh (much of these years are subject to conjecture on behalf of storytellers, but some of it can be held to be assumed). Because he was the son of the daughter of Pharaoh (Exod 2:10), he possibly had privileges and rights and education and culture and authority. But, nonetheless, the story opens up with the statement that Moses had grown up (Exod 2:11).

Now he was out watching the Hebrews perform their hard labor and he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave. He quite possibly had seen this before and took no notice of it, but the text divulges a significant reason why Moses reacted the way we will see in moment. For some reason, he now knew he was a Hebrew himself. Whether this was a new revelation to him or an old one, is not known. But Moses knew who he was—a Hebrew. And he probably sympathized with his fellow people and their status as slaves.

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Year 1, Week 23 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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