Birth of Moses

Exodus 2:1-10

The backdrop for this story occurs in the chapter preceding (obviously). The king of Egypt has issued a decree that all Hebrew boys upon birth are to be thrown into the Nile River (Exod 1:22). The Israelites are doing all they can to prevent such a tragedy to their children, however, the Egyptians exert powerful influence and dominion over them. And yet, even in spite of this cruel and barbaric command, the Israelites are continuing to multiply and increase in number. The Egyptians still cannot suppress the rapid reproduction rate of the Hebrews. However, there is still much to fear.

The story opens with a pregnant mother giving birth to a fine male child. She succeeded in hiding him for three months, but was unable to hide him any longer. So she built a basket, placed the child in it, and set it afloat along the banks of the Nile (ironic that this is where the Egyptians were commanded to toss any Hebrew male child). The child’s sister was assigned to watch the fate of the basket and its contents.

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