Israelites in Slavery in Egypt

Exodus 1:1-22

The book of Exodus opens up after some 400 years since the close of the book of Genesis. During the time and rule of Joseph alongside of Pharaoh king of Egypt, Jacob (otherwise known as “Israel”), came to Egypt to live during the extreme famine of the day. The family of Jacob, or Israel, settled in the land of Goshen—the finest and most fertile land in all of Egypt. They numbered around seventy in all (Exod 1:5). So the coming nation of Israel is currently living in the land of Egypt, enjoying the protection of the Pharaoh, and the blessing of God.

What we see in the opening chapter of Exodus paints us a disturbing picture of the treatment of the “Israelites” in the land of Egypt…

Curriculum y1_w21 – Israelites in Slavery in Egypt [253kb, PDF]
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Year 1, Week 21 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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