Who’s Your Lord?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The River Church, Minong, WI

Christmas Eve Service

Scripture Reference
Luke 2, 4; Philippians 2:9-11

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My friends and family in Nazareth dismissed me right away because I was one of their own. “No. He couldn’t possibly be the Savior of Israel… the Savior of the world.” They were used to me. Seen me play and work… grow up. They had been around me for a while. I was known to them. Familiar. When you “know” something or someone, you are not afraid of it, you have control over it because it is familiar. Fear, doubt, unbelief, comes from things or people, we don’t “know” … that are not familiar. It seems to me that in 21st century America, I, Jesus, am known. I am familiar. I am dismissed almost immediately by people because they think they “know” me… that I am familiar… Do you really “know” me?

Who is your Lord? Caesar or Jesus?

Who rules your life? Caesar or Jesus?

Who rules your heart? Caesar or Jesus?