Blessed Are You? The Be-attitudes

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Hayward Wesleyan Church

The Be-attitudes Lenten Series

Scripture Reference
Matthew 5:3-12

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The list of “blesseds” is especially unique. They refer to those who are written off by society… lost causes… unworthy. Jesus is driving home a theme:

God’s hand lifting up those cast down and casting down those lifted up in the human scheme.

What are the Be-attitudes about? The Beatitudes are simply about those, who from the human point of view, are regarded as most hopeless, most beyond all possibility of God’s blessing or even interest, and exhibiting them as enjoying God’s touch and abundant provision from the kingdom of heaven.

What is Jesus doing with the Be-attitudes? Jesus is proclaiming blessing to those who are written off, the lost causes, the unworthy. And in Luke, he proclaims woes to those who are regarded as well off.

Jesus is opening the kingdom of God to everyone!