Impossible Shot // Game

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We play a lot of games @ hwcYouth. One of our random favorites is the “Impossible Shot” game. There’s really no rhyme or reason to this game. You can make it up on the fly or plan elaborately ahead of time. But the gist of the game is this:

  • have an object to throw (it could be a stuffed animal, ball, swim noodle, etc)
  • have a container of some kind to throw object into (could be a garbage can, empty box, hula hoop, or two people making a circle target with their arms)
  • make the distance or angle “impossible” to get the object into the container

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One Word Theme for 2013: Faith

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A friend gave me the idea of thinking through one word for the year. This past year I’ve been wrestling through what it means to functionally believe the Gospel — not just in theory, but in real-life practice (like how do I believe the Gospel in the area of my finances, whether I am in plenty or in want). For me at least, it seems to boil down to faith. Do I really believe the Gospel, or not?

So for this year, as I read my morning devotions, read through Scripture, and interact with everyday life, I will be ruminating on the word FAITH.

My Blog is Changing

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My blog is changing. I don’t know to what yet, but it is.

I’m sure this happens to writers and content creators as things in their life changes. And I suppose I’m not immune to it.

The reason I started blogging had less to do with creating an audience and writing content, but sharing resources. In our digital world, it’s been difficult for me to keep track of the digital things I use. Sure I’ve got hard drives of storage, but it’s difficult to trace the source of those resources sometimes. Hence a blog. It was a way for me to digitally link to the resources I used (i.e. YouTube videos, links, etc.). Along the way I started sharing things that I did in ministry with children and middle school students: games, stories, curriculum, etc. Then I started thinking about parenting and sharing stories of my kids and other resources I came across. This blog here @ became an eclectic sort of topics and categories, all with one thing in common: me.

I tried to streamline and focus on things from time to time, but I didn’t want to depart from why I had started blogging in the first place and I wanted to be able to post what I wanted. I didn’t want to have to post things to meet the needs of my audience.

But an audience this blog does have. There are typically over 100 pageviews a day on this site and an average of 50 visitors a day. So this site does get some traffic. And mainly that traffic is looking for Bible story content and games, which is pretty cool!

I don’t know how this blog will look in a year, but I have recently taken over a children’s ministry site that has great potential for connecting, resourcing and training people who disciple kids: Wesleyan Kids. So most of the posts that I would have wrote on this blog regarding children’s ministry and its companions will appear over there. So I imagine what will appear here are stories of things I learn from my children and the parenting process as well as things I’m learning as a disciple of Christ myself (which is a lot lately).

I will probably highlight some of my posts from Wesleyan Kids on this site as appropriate. We’ll see. I don’t know.

This has been an ambiguous post, I know. Sorry about that. I just wanted to let whoever reads this post (and this blog) know what is going on with me a slight window into what the future holds for

Stick around, though… it might be kinda fun!

Where’s Baby Jesus?

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The other day my two girls were admiring the manger scene in the foyer of our church. They were a little confused, however, as to a missing element: baby Jesus. They came to me and were worried: “Dad, the manger set is missing baby Jesus.” I said: “Really? Isn’t that the most important part? How can that be missing?” They replied, “We don’t know, it’s just not there.” To which I quipped, “Well that’s awkward. It must be lost.”

My wife overheard the conversation and told me (and the girls) something that I never knew before: “Some people don’t put baby Jesus in the manger scene until after Christmas because he hasn’t come yet.”

I had never heard of that before! I’ve been in church since I was a baby! That’s 35 years, and I have never heard of this practice before. But it totally makes sense.

While I was thinking about how I had been asleep and oblivious all my life, my wife’s answer completely satisfied Sari and Macie’s¬†curiosity¬†and off they went to explore and learn more of the world around them.

The Hot Seat Game // 2:00min Timer Video

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If you want to place a person (student or small group leader) on a hot seat where people can questions for 2:00 minutes, then this is a video you can use as a timer. It does not have an audio track, so you can place your own in the background, or download the video and place your own audio in a video editor program.

source Vimeo

Christmas Quiz // Game

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Christmas Quiz

We play these quiz-style games @ msy quite frequently where we pit our 11 small groups against each other. As we go through each question, the groups who got it right get a point, while the ones who struck out get nothing. After all the questions are done, the second place group gets one piece of candy, while the first place team gets two pieces of candy.

The Christmas Quiz has 20 questions about the Christmas holiday. I make no claims about the historical accuracy as I have not researched each question (so please don’t use these answers on your research papers for school!).

Have fun!

Download // 10.9mb

God’s Promise to Abraham

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Gods Promise to Abraham

We call the Abrahamic Covenant the “3 P’s.”

  • People
  • Place
  • Presence

I made this graphic for the story we are doing in Main Street this coming Sunday (12.9.12) called God Provides a Wife for Isaac. We have been trucking through the story of Abraham and this is where he dies. So I wanted to review what God did in the life of Abraham and I wanted to provide a visual for the “3 P’s” with the added “blessing” component.

My Kids are Cooler Than Me

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girls dancin

I’m a children’s pastor in a small town. And I’ve been here in Hayward for almost 10 years now. This longevity has afforded me some credibility in relationships, mainly with kids. Whether I’m shopping at Walmart, going for a walk, or visiting the school lunchroom, I always have kids saying hi to me.

Almost 6 years ago, my wife and I became parents and little did I know it then, but my street cred with kids would eventually change.

And it happened the other day. I was greeting a two year-old and instead of her saying: “Hi, Jeremy!” She said: “Where’s Sari and Macie?” (These are the names of my daughters.) This was the first time my kids were more important than me!!

When I go to the school lunchroom now, I am no longer Jeremy, but I’m Sari’s dad. Kids used to ask me who’s dad I was and I always told them no one, until I had kids and then I said they were too young for school. I told kids that I come to eat with them because I like spending time with them where they “worked.” Now I’m just another dad to the kids in the school lunchroom.

Oh well. I guess one can only enjoy popularity for so long until someone much cooler comes along. In this case, my kids are much cooler than me!