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King Hiram of Tyre visits the Main Street students and informs them of the grand Temple that King Solomon built.

An animated video walk-though of the spectacular Temple is shown to give a realistic visual of what it might have looked like.

We are also reminded that we, as God’s special people, have a big job to accomplish:

to show the world what God is like (and what God might want this world to look like).

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Quite often it is difficult to pin down the ethic of the kingdom of God in our everyday lives. Giving concrete examples of living out the Gospel that go beyond the obvious (reading your Bible and praying everyday and being nice to everyone) are hard to come by. Every now and then, I come across examples in our culture that touch us in profound ways and model to us what living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ means.

This video is one such story!

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King David dies and his son, Solomon, assumes the throne. The LORD asks young Solomon what he could do for him.

Solomon responds by asking for wisdom so he could rule well.

The LORD is pleased with Solomon’s request and further grants him wealth and fame as well.

King Solomon wrote numerous proverbs and wise sayings. There is even an example of the application of his wisdom as he settled a dispute between two young mothers over a baby.

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King David decides to count his troops, realizes that was a bad decision (after the fact), has to choose one of three punishments, and buys the porch (threshold) where the plague stopped.

Interestingly, the “porch” that David bought became the sight where King Solomon placed the Temple.

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